Executive Karma

Leadership Coaching with Heart

Dear Soul,

I see you and all that you have going for you at this moment.

A fulfilling career, many people who care about you, and numerous projects that bring meaning to your life every day.

By all accounts your life is full and rewarding. At least that's what you've worked so hard to present. That's what everyone believes.

And yet... you may find yourself asking:

What's my true legacy?

Am I listening to the whispers of my heart?

If I have everything, why does it still feel like something is missing?

It's these gentle questions that have brought you here to meet me today. I'm so glad you listened to your inner wisdom and desire to learn more.

The temple doors are open. You are invited to step inside and learn more about yourself as a leader, a member of the human family, and a luminous soul with unlimited potential.

Take my hand and walk with me along the journey towards a meaningful life.

I promise you won't regret it!

Wishing you Sacred Unity and Divine Love,

Karma Aja Daigle

Love is the most powerful energy on earth!

Build a peacefully empowered life with love.

Hi, I'm Karma Aja Daigle!

Executive Coach & Priestess of Sacred Union


My clients often describe me as a sacred listener and their auxiliary brain. Two decades of experience working intimately with executive level attorneys, entrepreneurs and non-profit directors have polished my skills as a professional confidant and life strategist.

Executive coaching with heart is my specialty. I bring the traditional experience of an executive assistant to the non-traditional path of spiritual self-discovery. A journey with me is a balance of practical guidance and sacred dream weaving.

Take the leap and join me on a hero's adventure that's like nothing you've ever experienced before!

Work with Me

  • Coaching Sessions (1 hour)

    Walk with me along the path of self-discovery during a 60 minute coaching session. We will meet by Zoom video conference to dive into your burning questions right away. Let’s start designing your personalized experience today!

    $111.00 per hour

  • VIP Day

    Join me for an in-person full day private priestess experience at a location of your choice. We will do a deep dive to clarify your leadership goals for the next 3 months and design a path to get you to the finish line. A combination of strategy session and sacred ceremony are included in this unique experience. It’s truly the royal treatment!

  • Sacred Union Retreats

    A full day or weekend retreat with your executive team to foster greater trust and sacred union with the soul of your business. We will meet at a location of your choice to discover the joy of sacred conversation through soul-to-soul discussion of your joint mission. Bring your ideas to the table and leave with a solid plan for growth.

  • Inspirational Speaker

    Boost the fun factor at your next event with an inspirational, tragically funny, and motivating speech delivered by me. Storytelling is one of my super powers!

Email me to schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery meeting. Let's chat about what you'd like to accomplish and design a coaching experience to fit those goals!


My Inspiration

Kali Ma - Goddess of Liberation

Buddha - Healer of the Mind

Kuan Yin - Avatar of Peace

Yeshua ben Yosef - Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness

Mariamne of Magdala - Divine Feminine Tower of Wisdom

Isis - Archetype of Balance

Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability

Tantric Yoga - The Path of Somatic Wisdom

Words of Kindness

Karma is the real deal.

I know that's such an over-used phrase, but she just is. I can go to her with any issue in my business (or my life, cause *spoiler alert* they're connected) and know that's it's handled. Immediately. At-depth.

In fact, at a greater depth than I've ever experienced with any other coach or healer. I can also go to her with my deepest, heartfelt desires for my business (and life) and she shines the light on what's needed to bring it into being. It's a safe space to unfold all of the things and help me navigate the journey.

Working with her is, by far, one of my best investments and something I deeply value.

Karen Kirchman, Founder | Real Genius Life

If your heart is troubled and peace seems out of reach, talk to Karma. She's helped me make powerful life changes for the better.

Her wisdom and insights created fresh perspectives and new possibilities. She helped me move from grief to acceptance, from feeling broken and despairing to feeling whole and hopeful once more.

She's a genuinely loving person and healing spirit.

Michael Hicks, Wordsmith & Fundraiser

Having a sacred conversation with Karma is one of the best things I've ever done for myself and I am so grateful I had the chance of experiencing her powerful gifts.

Her loving energy is something that cannot be put into words but the messages she shared and her incredible intuition helped me shed light on things that I wasn't aware of, leaving me with a sense of peace and some great insights to help me move forward in a time of turmoil.
The benefits of each of our conversations went far beyond the time we spent together as she always offers precious advice and tools to carry onward.

A session with Karma is like a bubble out of time, filled with so much love and magic that you cannot help but feel uplifted!

Harmony Villemin, Entrepreneur

Even before my session with Karma I could feel her energy! She is incredibly intuitive and is able to not only clarify questions you may have, but truly clear your energy. I was left feeling lighter, absolutely more positive and focused. Karma is the one person I trust to get to the bottom of anything that may have be "stuck". I happily work with her over and over to get answers and direction in all areas of my life.

Laura Muirhead -  Artist, Author & Entrepreneur

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Or send me a DM through instagram to get the conversation started. I hope to hear from you soon!

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