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  • VIP Day - Westport, Connecticut (USA)

    Join me for a full-day, retreat experience with your own private priestess. We will meet at my sacred space nestled in the relaxed and elegant coastal community of Westport, Connecticut.

    Let’s clarify your life + love goals for the next 3 months and design a path to get you there.

    A combination of practical guidance and sacred ceremony are included in this unique experience.

    VIP Day itinerary:
    – 45-minute hands-on energy healing session using 13th Octave LaHoChi vibrations.

    – Lunch at a local restaurant of your choice.

    – Goal Mapping Game: A fun exercise to clarify your deepest desires.

    – Sacred Conversation Session: Tap into my relationship expertise to pave the way for more meaningful connections. We will also explore the basics of sacred sexuality and how to incorporate it into your love life.

    – Guided Meditation for Inner Peace: complete your retreat day with a relaxing guided meditation.

    It’s truly the royal treatment!

    $555.00 VIP Day

    Exclusively offered on weekends.

  • Kingdom Quest - 4 weeks of 1:1 Spiritual Guidance to Reclaim Your Energy

    Are you ready to reclaim you energy after a long-term relationship breakup or divorce?

    Take a journey through the heart of your inner kingdom on a quest to re-establish energetic sovereignty in all aspects of your life + love.

    Discover your passion for life in this deep-dive, 4 week experience with me. I’ll be walking alongside you as your Leadership Dakini. A private priestess devoted exclusively to your spiritual growth.

    Together we will carry the torch of wisdom to light the way forward as I teach you how to read the divine map of your soul. Navigating the shadowy valleys and soaring heights of life just got a whole lot easier!

    We will play to discover what brings you joy, burn away old patterns which can weigh you down, and connect you to the sovereign wellspring of energy within. It will be a journey to remember!

    Package includes:

    (2) 30 minute 1:1 Sacred Conversation sessions via Zoom video chat.

    (1) 60 minute Energy Healing Experience using 13th Octave LaHoChi vibrations.

    Unlimited text and voice memo support via WhatsApp to help you stay on-track with your goals between sessions.

    $444.00 for 4 weeks

    Package can be renewed every 4 weeks for continued support.


Isn't it time to Activate the King within?



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